My Story

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 I have an Instagram account @mywealthdiary, where I document my journey of learning about finances and building wealth.

I am a 27 year old consultant living on the east coast. I grew up lower-middle class in a small town and remember when money was always a subject of worry. We lived paycheck to paycheck, and I thought it was just how everyone lived.

After a graduated from college, I was left with over $63,000 of student loan debt and no idea how to manage my money. I paid the minimums on my loans and lived my life like every other twenty-something newly grad – I spent my money on lattes, eating out, and travel.

In August 2017, I learned about the debt free community, and it changed my life. I became gazelle intense and moved back home with my parents for a year to put as much money as I could towards my loans. I became debt-free in May 2018.

Now I am working on increasing my knowledge on finances, saving and investing as much as a I can, and building my net worth! Thank you for following me on this journey ❤