Net Worth Update: February 2021

February 2021: $413,028.11 (-$3,958.90)

February was a pretty uneventful month. My work schedule changed from normal hours to 3 pm – midnight to support the global hours of my project, so I’ve been adjusting to my new routine. In the mornings, I usually run errands, clean the apartment, and work out before logging into work at 3 pm. Only one more week until I return to my normal schedule, so I am looking forward to that!

In terms of finances, my net worth went down with the market. Ever since I diversified into individual stocks, mostly in tech, I have been seeing bigger gains when the market is up and bigger losses when the market is down. I am hoping that March is better, but it doesn’t look like it will be from the last couple days.

Here is my February net worth breakdown.

Cash (+$6,180.63): I hired a tax person this year and found out that I will owe ~$24,797 in taxes plus $6,400 for my quarterly taxes this year. That is a total of $31,197 that I need to save up by April 15th. I am planning to put 100% of my bonus I receive in March towards my tax fund, as well as most of my paychecks. Hopefully I will have enough (eek!)

401k (+$5,140.66): I contributed $1,052.32 and my employer contributed $131.54. The change in market value was $3,958.86, bringing my ending balance to $129,796.74.

HSA (+$2,987.70): I contributed $2,679.79 and my employer contributed $16.67. The change in market value of my Fidelity account was $274.57, bringing my total ending balance to $11,833.82.

Roth IRA (-$19.910.27): I did not contribute any money to my Roth this month, and my unrealized loss is $19,910.30. My ending balance is $95,846.43.

Taxable Account (-$5,669.01): I contributed $2,174.88 to my taxable account, bringing my ending balance to $134,662.28.

Coinbase (+$7,311.39): I did not contribute any money to crypto this month, so this was only from market gains. My ending balance is $30,794.69.

February Total Gross Income: $16,133.83

Income CategoryAmount
Gross Pay (9-5)$8,769.24
Employer Match (401k and HSA)$164.88
Work Reimbursement$130
Etsy Sales$6,409.08
Affiliate Marketing$595.35
Cash Back$57.04
Dividend Income$7.81
Interest Income$0.43

February Total Expenses: $2,440.88

Expense CategoryAmountComments
Rent $1,470 I live with my boyfriend, and this is my portion of the rent.
Bills & Utilities $78.56 This covers my half of the electricity and internet.
Food & Dining Out$277.92We cook most of our meals at home and do take-out once a week.
Healthcare$468.50This covered my annual eye exam and year’s supply of contacts
Gifts & Donations$100Sent money to my Mom for Valentine’s Day as a gift
Business Expenses$39.91Monthly payment for the Mac Mini I purchased in November
Fun$5.99$5.99 is my half of our Hulu Premium subscription

February Post-Tax Savings Rate: 60%

Progress of 2021 Investment Goals: 21%

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