Net Worth Update: January 2021

January 2021: $416,987.01 (+$66,038.92)

Happy 2021! 2020 is finally over, and we are now into a brand new year! January was a great month for me financially. I reached a new milestone of $400k net worth, only 2 months after I hit $300k net worth at the end of November. With time and compound interest, my investments seem to be growing faster than ever.

Last month, I changed my investment strategy from 100% total stock market index funds to a diversified portfolio of index funds, active ETFs, individual stocks, and crypto. I decided that I wanted to take on more risk, as I am young and have time on my side. I also took part in the GME hype and out of pure luck, made a $20,000 profit in my Roth IRA.

Now onto the net worth breakdown.

Cash (+$1,947.49): I normally don’t like to hold more cash than necessary. However, tax season is coming up. I know I will owe a lot in April, so I am starting to save for it.

401k (+$680.82): I contributed $1,006.16 of pre-tax dollars to my traditional 401k this month. My employer contributed $125.78. The change in market value was -$435.10, down 0.3%, bringing my ending balance to $124,656.08.

HSA (+$248.18): My employer switched our HSA provider, but I kept my Fidelity account so I have two HSAs at the moment. I contributed $243.58 to my new HSA account this month, and my employer contributed $33.34. The change in market value of my Fidelity account was -$28.74, bringing my total ending balance to $8,846.12.

Roth IRA (+$48,352.99): I completed my 2021 backdoor contributions of $6,000 this month, and I also contributed $628.85 of after-tax dollars to my Roth IRA as part of the mega backdoor strategy. My GME play was also made in this account to avoid taxes on gains. The change in market value was $41,722.22, bringing my ending balance to $115,756.71.

Taxable Account (+$1,554.07): I actually sold $20,028.92 worth of VTI in my taxable account to diversify into other investments, per my new investing strategy. I invested $13,007.48 into individual stocks, which left $7,021.44 to be taken out of my taxable account. My ending balance is $140,331.29.

Coinbase (+$13,261.36): I have started diversifying into crypto as part of my new investing strategy. I invested $10,800.00 into Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the increase in market value was $2,461.36. My ending balance is $23,483.30.

January Total Gross Income: $18,758.15

Income CategoryAmount
Gross Pay (9-5)$8,384.64
Employer Match (401k and HSA)$159.12
Etsy Sales$10,200.57
Cash Back$8.71
Dividend Income$5
Interest Income$0.11
I actually made more income on the side than from my main job this month!

January Total Expenses: $2,907.36

Expense CategoryAmountComments
Rent $1,470 I live with my boyfriend, and this is my portion of the rent.
Bills & Utilities$73.53This covers my half of the electricity and internet.
Food & Dining Out$397.80We cook most of our meals at home and do take-out once a week.
Business Expenses$952.41$420 went towards hiring someone on Fiverr to create a logo/brand redesign for me and the rest went towards paying the first half of the costs of hiring a tax person.
Fun$12.62$5.99 is my half of our Hulu Premium subscription, and I also bought a small planner and stickers from Target to track my workouts.
Gifts & Donations$1Random ‘test’ donation to bf’s new website

January Post-Tax Savings Rate: 83%

Progress of 2021 Investment Goals: 16%

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