Income Report #1: November 2019

For a while, I have been thinking about posting monthly income reports on my blog. However, I struggled with being this transparent at times. I would worry about how others would perceive me, if I wouldn’t be motivating anymore if people couldn’t relate to me, or if my accomplishments would be discredited because of what I make.

I want to start out by saying that I am not posting this to brag or make anyone feel bad. There will always be someone out there making more than you. I’ve learned that comparing myself to others is only a waste of time, and that it is better to focus on how I can grow, improve, and be better. If anything, I use others’ success stories to motivate myself!

This leads me to my income reports. The purpose will be twofold (1) It is a way for me to document the growth of my income over time as I invest in more side hustles and (2) hopefully, it will inspire my readers to track and pursue their own income growth as well.

For some context, I currently work full-time as a consultant making $105,000 annual base salary. Outside of my 9-5, I manage @mywealthdiary, a personal finance Instagram account where I share my journey to multi-millionaire.

Now let’s dive into the details of November’s income report.

Total November Income: $10,423.19

November was a 3 paycheck month for me based on my bi-weekly pay schedule, so I made $2,591.62 more than a normal month.

I also made an additional $2,648.32 through side hustles.

Some of my side hustle income came from the following:

  • Had a 45-minute call with a marketing company and received a $250 gift card for my time
  • Sold some clothes on ThredUp for an easy $33.31 on items I’ve been looking to get rid of for a while
  • Used an offer on a Starbucks coffee purchase using my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card and received a small discount of $0.27 and got $119.98 cash back on my Amex Blue Cash Preferred credit card
  • Made $1,900 through SoFi referral bonuses, which means 39 people signed up through my link (yes to opening HYSA’s and making your money work for you!!)
  • Received $160 worth of Amazon gift cards through Personal Capital
  • Made $25.30 of interest on my high-yield savings accounts at Wealthfront and SoFi
  • Only made $2.46 in dividend income this month 😦
  • The $157 of other income includes some money I made playing poker with friends and a $100 Amazon gift card I received from signing up for the Amazon Prime Rewards credit card.

My goal is to increase the income I make outside of my 9-5 job. I hope that by documenting every penny I make, I can continue to grow my side hustles and generate multiple streams of income until I no longer need my full-time job! I also hope that being this transparent helps someone out there gain the motivation to work harder, find more side hustles, and get their financial life in order before the new year!

8 thoughts on “Income Report #1: November 2019

  1. Go girl! I love your IG account… excited for start following your blog. My husband and I recently *almost* doubled our income and are super excited to get started on our debt free journey. We’ve made excellent progress so far and it helps to follow your account. It leaves me feeling INSPIRED about where WE WILL BE! Thanks girl!


  2. Hey there, I just started following you literally today! Do you mind if I ask what kind of consulting you do, and do you like your work? I’m starting to feel like I went down the wrong job path…


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